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One touch ultra 50 blood glucose test strips

Product code: MYC4122 | By: Johnson and Johnson Ltd
50 Stripe in 1 Box

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One touch ultra 50 blood glucose test strips description:

One-touch Ultra strips are used in the one-touch ultra glucose machine. A one-touch ultra family glucose meter is checking glucose levels in the body. It is used for diabetes patients at home and professionals to measures diabetes. It is used to accurate results with a one-touch Ultra glucometer. It helps to control your diabetes before meals and after meals.

One-touch Ultra strips feature:

- For the determination of blood glucose
- Suitable for self- testing
- Only for a one-touch select simple monitor
- A simple process to manage your diabetes result
- Accurate result and fast result
- For diabetes patients type 1 and type 2
- Required only a tiny blood sample
- Automatically draws blood into the test strips

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